Top 7 generic medications for bisexuals

In our time, the features and diversity of sexual life are not surprising to anyone. Both traditional couples and same-sex relationships are interested in making their intimate lives brighter with top quality generic medications. Many people, regardless of their basic preferences, think about having love with a partner of their sex, as they are bisexual.

In fact, there are quite a lot of bisexuals among us. Bisexuals are people who are attracted to partners of both genders. More often, their preferences are very strict, and they are not ready to give up on the first person they meet. Many myths have been formed around bisexual people, some of which have nothing to do with reality, writes Cosmopolitan. Among the most common fictions that talk about bisexuals are:

1. They don’t divide 50/50 partners by gender

The personal life of a bisexual person is not a competition to make these numbers the same; many do not consider partners at all or are satisfied with a small number of them for a lifetime.

2. Bisexuals are not very uninhibited in intimate life

A person can have a normal orientation and not often have sex. Or bisexual – and also infrequently have sex. It is important only to understand who attracts attention and what needs the body has.

3. They know how to make a decision

If you’re eating pizza in one coffee shop today and tomorrow in another, does that mean you can’t solve anything? Of course not. The same with bisexuality: people just enjoy spending time with representatives of both female and male.

4. They rarely change

According to statistics, in the US and the United Kingdom, only 8-10% of bisexuals over time lean towards partners of one of two sexes.

5. They change no more often than others

It is widely believed that bisexuals love infidelity. It’s nothing like that. Someone has a high libido, someone is low, someone cheats, and someone does not. Like any other person, regardless of preference.

6. You can be bisexual in a normal relationship

A woman doesn’t stop being bisexual if she’s moved in with a man. The orientation itself is not lost.

7. It is not a privilege

Some believe that bisexuals thus give themselves more choice (and then it comes again to infidelity and group sex). Not at all. Orientation can not just hide and forget, and sometimes bisexuals are more unhappy than representatives of other types of orientation.

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